This collection is from a fundraiser gala that I directed for Vanguard Culture in June of 2015. Collaborative efforts with limited resources are often the pinnacle of enjoyment. For this show I was surrounded by talent and creativity as well as a group that was beautiful inside and out.

The clothing was by designer Saam Mcbride, who not only modeled in the show, made all the clothing/accessories, but also worked to keep the models in line.

I had tremendous help from Brooke Evangeline and Matthew Stradling who helped produce the show as well as keep me sane!

I got to work with Brooke Janssen and head MUA Charlene De La Torre to create the looks head to toe. I tried my best to just direct and focus on the event itself and the photographs. But inevitably, I wound up creating feather wigs, styling for the shoot and working out makeup concepts.